Miley Cyrus Is Growing Up Fast

I was over at and noticed this huge story on Miley Cyrus. In the
interview she talks about her music career and growing up blah,blah. I didn't
really give s shit but I know a lot of you jail bait men out there would probably
like to hear it. So read it if you want, if not, I don't care. In a couple of years she
will be 18, and a porn will leak, and she will lose her innocent side and more than
likely she will do something even more shocking than Britney Spears did when
she lost her innocence. You remember that time when she shaved her head,
attacked a paparazzo and told them to "go fuck themselves." I am sure Miley
will probably do something even more crazy than that. Cause when she loses her
little kid fan base, she will do just about anything to get attention again. I wish
I had a countdown clock pertained to the moment that Miley Cyrus implodes
but I can not predict the future. So suck up the spotlight while you can Miley.
This won't last forever.

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