Daily Links

Heidi Montag has a new song out. This isn't an
April Fools joke.
[ The Blemish ]

Christina Aguilera has juicy lips.
[ Celebrity Puke ]

I thought it wasn't possible but Megan Fox has
made herself hotter.
[ Geno's World ]

Celebrities that resemble their dogs.
[ City Rag ]

Winona Ryder topless is a blast from the past.
[ Egotastic ]

Tori Spelling is getting smaller. Which means she
is getting hotter.
[ popbytes ]

Will Ben die on tonight's Lost?
[ Seriously? OMG! WTF? ]

Britney Spears for Candies.
[ Daily Stab ]

Joaquin Phoenix couldn't look more homeless
if his name were Bum Homelesson.
[ Celebrity Mound ]

Who would play who in American Idol the
[ Buddy TV ]

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