Daily Links

Lindsay Lohan wants you to believe she
is serious about her acting career.
[ The Blemish ]

Jennifer Aniston swears off marriage, may
become a lesbian.
[ Fatback Media ]

Tres Kardashians.
[ Celebrity Puke ]

J-Love bikini pictures are good.
[ Egotastic ]

Little kids flipping the bird.
[ City Rag ]

Brad Pitt won't be getting any pussy
anytime soon.
[ popbytes ]

Valerie Bertinelli. I don't know who
she is but she has a hot bikini body.
[ Geno's World ]

American Idol is having is annual shit
music special next week.
[ Seriously? OMG! WTF? ]

Amy Poehler will never be sexually
[ Daily Stab ]

I fuckin' love this site.
[ 100 Ways To Kill A Peep ]

Ever wonder what Twilight would be like
if you never read the books?
[ Buddy TV ]

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