Britney Spears Is Being Sued

Remember Sam Lutfi? The guy who was Britney Spears' partner in crime
when she was suffering badly from her mental illness? Also was the guy who
said he had sexy nude photos of Spears that he was going to sell to the tabloids?
Or maybe that was Adnan Ghalib. I don't remember. Anyway, what is important
is that Sam Lutfi is iina shit load of debt and needs to get some quick cash. What
better way to do that but sue Britney Spears. The charges range from libel,
defemation and even battery. Battery? Is he claiming that Britney Spears
attacked him? Considering the mental state she was in it is probably possible
but even if she did attack him she probably doesn't remember it cause she was
a head case back then. Sam has both credit card debt and a home loan debt which
tallys up altogether as $26,474.56. Damn! That is a lot of scratch. I am sure he is
suing Britney for 6 figures but it is doubtful he will get it. Because if there is one
thing Britney can afford, besides paying off a false lawsuit, is a kick ass legal
team which will represent her in court while she is off touring. Go Brit! And I
hope the naked pictures of her surface very soon.

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