Heather Mills: Tabloids admit they were wrong

Guardian - After Heather Mills used a live appearance on GMTV in April 2008 to call on the British public to boycott the tabloids, insisting she had been victimised by editors, hounded by the paparazzi and even claiming she had considered killing herself, the Sun ran a front-page story questioning the former model's sanity. A flurry of stories followed, detailing Mills's allegedly outrageous behaviour and spending habits, but the tabloids had already cast Mills as a villain during her long and acrimonious divorce battle with Sir Paul McCartney, referring to her past as a topless model. Her one-woman quest to hold Fleet Street to account seemed like a fight she couldn't win, but now it appears to be bearing fruit. In the last fortnight four newspapers have published corrections to earlier stories written about her and a fifth has written to Mills privately to apologise for its coverage.

GMTV aftermath:

Malopost - Flashback in stockings, lingerie and nothing else ... Gallery: Warning contains topless and naked images.

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