Chanelle Hayes bedded by Mini-Me Verne Troyer ?

We put question marks ... we cant help it.

You have to smile at the 'Star'. Do you think they have a computer that randomly links up people ?
eg [Celeb A:] David Hasselhoff in [Method:] drug fuelled sex romp with [Celeb B:] Ann Widdecombe

Star - Mini-Me Verne Troyer got his wee leg over with super sexy babe Chanelle Hayes during a sex and booze rampage. The tiny star bumped into her at a London nightspot when he went on the prowl with movie pals. And the pair hit it off so well they ended up spending the night flirting and smooching before leaving the club together in the early hours yesterday. Yesterday Chanelle’s lips were sealed over details of what happened next – but she admitted she was left with a smile on her face.

Daily Star - Gallery. Chanelle Hayes in lingerie, stockings and not much else.

Nuts - Chanelle Hayes gallery. Warning: contains naked images. (Most are very similar, but she sure has a nice form)

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