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Katie Price Plans Boob Job Number 5

Glamour Model Katie Price PhotosGlamour Model Katie Price PhotosGlamour Model Katie Price Photos

Katie Price was born May 22, 1978, and grew up in the seaside town of Brighton in Sussex, England. Becoming a glamorous model was far from Katie's mind whilst she was at school. Her stunning figure did not develop until she reached her sixteen birthday.

Not much is known about her schooling years though. The decision to embark on a modeling career came after a friend suggested a session with a professional photographer. Her photos were sent to an agency in London, who replied with an invitation for a photo shoot. After signing a contract, it was only weeks before she began appearing in a number of national newspapers. Katie soon became a Page 3 sensation, changing her name to Jordan thereafter. As her career began to blossom, her long time relationship with electrician Gary Bolingbroke began to wilt and the couple split up in 1997. Although she became a well-establish model, appearing on page 3 at least 4 times a week, and in men's entertainment magazines such as Loaded and FHM, Jordan still had a feeling of insecurity about her chest size. Close friends of Jordan call her Kinky Kate. She decided to go in for breast enlargement operation and after the surgery was successful, she was absolutely in love with her boobs. Pamela Anderson has the perfect figure as far as she is concerned.

In 1998, she met and fell instantly in love with TV Gladiator Ace, real-name Warren Foreman. The couple met at the beginning of 1998, whilst they were in pantomime together, and have hardly been apart ever since. Following the successful operation, she decided never to pose for page 3 again, and instead focus on a new career. She wants to move on to singing and has been training herself to record an album. With her changed, she still is going great guns and we shall be seeing more of her, be it modelling or singing.

Katie Price Pictures

I don’t really understand what’s going on in these pictures, it seems to be some sort of fashion show for Katie Price’s new line of equestrian wear but everyone’s wearing bikinis for some reason. I shouldn’t complain, any excuse to get Katie’s big fake boobs stuffed into a little bikini is a good one but I don’t know what this has to do with horse riding. Although there is something about girls riding horses in bikinis and heels that I like. Bareback of course.

Katie Price Pictures

There aren’t many things I like more than a big titted drunk British chick in trashy fishnets bouncing around in a skimpy get up. Maybe a big titted drunk Italian or Canadian or German or Colombian. Anyhow, my point is when Katie Price gets hammered you know you’re going to get some classy pictures. Here she is looking like a two dollar whore at grandpa’s 90th birthday. It’s the good times we remember the most.

Katie PriceCartier may be making a few thousand less in sales over the next few years, not that they’ll notice as they sell so much anyway. The downward trend in Cartier sales figures will be attributed to Katie Price and the way she was treated by Cartier.

Katie Price paid £6,000 to Chinawhite for a table for friends and family at the Cartier Polo International match, but was turned away without a penny refunded to her when she arrived. The reason behind it? Katie blames ’snobbery’.

Speaking of what happened, Katie said:

“I’ve never been so humiliated in my life and I’ll never buy Cartier again,” Katie told The Mirror. “I paid Chinawhite, which sponsored a VIP tent, £6,000 for a table for all my friends and family but I’ve yet to see a penny of it back. So they’ve kept my money but wouldn’t let me in. I am never going back to that club again. I’ve been going for 10 years but I had a crap night there the last time anyway.

“It’s ridiculous. I genuinely love horses and I’m actually learning to play polo - I’ve certainly mucked out more horses than most of the people who were there. I actually paid for my ticket and my family had all gone out and bought outfits for the occasion. It’s them I feel bad for.

“I’ve got thousands of pounds worth of Cartier jewellery but I won’t be putting it on eBay. I’d rather chuck it straight in the bin. Either that or I’ll give it to charity.”

How dare they treat the woman we love for getting her breasts out like this. Its an outrage!

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Pretty in pink... British model Katie Price aka Jordan.

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Katie Price nude photo

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katie-price-boobs Katie Price Has Written a Novel
Well Katie Jordan Price has written a novel. Laughing yet? I think all she is good for is pictures like these and annoying us all with her overly exxagerated accent. Nice Rack though.

katie-price-jordan-1 Katie Price is Nations Favorite Reality Star
Katie Price, aka Jordan, has come out on top as the nation’s favourite reality television star according to 40% of Brits in a poll of over 3,000 fans conducted by MSN Entertainment.

The research, was carried out to gauge public opinion in peak reality TV season, reveals that the huge success of Jordan’s show, Katie and Peter the Next Chapter and her appearance on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, has earned her a place in the nation’s reality TV hearts.

However, her supposed rival and wannabe TV star Jodie Marsh came bottom of the pile as she was voted the most hated reality television star in Britain with 35% of the votes.

Following her recent international success, Leona Lewis has been voted Brits’ favourite TV talent show singer of all time with 38% of the votes, beating Popstars: The Rivals winners Girls Aloud who received 31%. Pop idol runner up-come actor, Will Young, came in third place with 17% of the votes.

Despite winning the first series of the X factor, British jazz and soul singer Steve Brookstein was voted the biggest TV talent show flop, taking 41% of the votes, followed by Pop Idol 2 winner Michelle McManus (34%), even though her debut single ‘All This Time’ went straight to number one on the UK Singles Chart.

While she may have missed out on the title of best talent show star, Cheryl Cole’s compassion, style and beauty have obviously captured the nation’s attention as she won the battle of the X Factor judges; 53% of Brits believe her to be a better judge than former fiery X Factor mentor Sharon Osbourne.

Ant and Dec took the gong as the nation’s best reality/talent television show presenters with two thirds of the votes (60%), followed by Big Brother presenter Davina McCall (20%) and Xtra Factor and Dancing on Ice beauty Holly Willoughby (10%)

Despite not featuring any A-listers, the BAFTA award-winning ,The Apprentice, has taken the crown as our favourite reality television show of all time, scoring 35% of the votes, followed by I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out if Here (27%) and Big Brother (16%), with Wife Swap limping in with just 6%.

MSN Entertainment Editor Mike Lok says: “The biggest reality TV programmes can make anyone a star as well as boost the careers of established celebs. Our poll clearly reveals that Katie Price has used the genre to win her place as one of the nation’s favourite celebrities while Cheryl Cole and Leona Lewis have been propelled from anonymity to superstardom almost overnight.”

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