Chris Brown Wants To Plea Out

Chris Brown is one sorry motherfucker. Now that he is having his day in court
today, he is going to plead not guilty, which no one will believe and is trying to
get a plea deal with prosecutors. Basically he is doing everything in his power
not to go to jail, cause he will get his shit raped on a daily basis if he goes to the
slammer. According to one source close to the case says," a deal is close." Most
people want to see his ass in the clink for a number of months, but he is rich
and famous, so that shit won't happen. During all of this, Brown has to think
about his public image as well. Apparently he will plead guilty or no contest to
a misdemeanor and do little jail time if he can avoid a trial. As much as I would
love to see his name dragged through the mud and have a long drawn out trial
which would question RiRi's sanity for staying with him, I doubt I am going to
get that. I don't know who he thinks he is fooling though. The dudes career is
done and as long as Rihanna stays with him, so is hers. Fuck the Hollywood elite.

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