BEA ARTHUR - 1922-2009 - Funniest Woman Ever !

Bea Arthur - AP news story

Bea Arthur - My favorite comediene. She had the best delivery and comic timing ever. Anyone who aspires to learn comedy should study her work because she was the best I have ever heard at delivering a punch line. Perfectly served every time!

Her double takes were the perfect retort to many stupid questions

The topics that were covered on Maude were breakthrough for comedy television, when is the last time the lead character from a sitcom discussed the possibility of getting an abortion...and was still able to make it funny !

The opening title sequence and theme song are still awesome 30 years later

Here clips from two of my favorite episodes


Maude dreads the visit from old Aunt "Tinki"

Maude's Desperate Hour

Maude thinks that a workman that she insulted is coming to kill her

Bea Arthur's work on the Golden Girls as Dorthy was equally brilliant, but she will always be Maude to me...Right On Maude !

Ok and for the adventurous click here to see Bea Arthur naked !

Neatorama's 5 things you did not know about Bea Arthur

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