Michelle Obama Is Not Gonna Have Another Kid

Michelle Obama got the distinct honor of being on the cover of O magazine.
In Oprah's mind this is a much higher honor than being the first lady. In the
mag she talks about how she works out 5 days a week and Barack works out
6 days a week calling him a work out zealot. He has to be in shape if he is
gonna tap that on a nightly basis. She also said that she is not planning on
getting pregnant ever again. I don't blame her. Why would she waste Barack's
time with a knee high ankle biting shit machine when he has a country to run?
Maybe because she is selfish, but she said no so I digress. I am just curious
as to how many condoms they go through in a week. If I were married to
Michelle Obama I would put the economy ont he back burner and focus
all of my attention on banging Michelle's skinny bones on a regular schedule.
I pronounce schedule ske-joo-ul not she-jool which is wrong.

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