Michael Vick Is Writing A Book

Michael Vick is still in the clink, but he is already planning to pen a memoir
when he gets out. More than likely to gather up sympathy for his situation.
The NFL has actually talked about letting this monster play again in the NFL.
Here is a pic of Michael Vick with a cute little puppy that after this picture was
taken, immediately trained to kill or be killed. How cute. I am not saying that
I won't read the book. I more than likely will. I even read O.J. Simpson's If
I Did It, which was one of the best books I have read of all time. When asked
if Michael Vick was going to get a dog after getting out of jail he said, "Hell yea
I am gonna train that motherfucker to kill...oh...um... I mean I am going to
teach it to fetch my slippers and bring me the paper."

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