Britney Spears Doesn't Know How To Write

Britney Spears has had a pretty full life but she has decided, for the time being,
that she will not put that life on paper. Despite having a lot of money being offered
for a tell all book, she has said no. The offers she was getting were in the $3 million
range and she was expecing more like $8 million. What a greedy whore. Does she
really think the public will actually learn anything from this book? Her entire life
has been documented by the paparazzi and the results are boring. Mochaccino,
cheetos, kids, umbrella. Pretty self explanitory. Not only that but her mother
Lynn Spears has already capitalized and exploited her daughters fame in a book
of her own that talks about the early years of Britney. So will we see a "cool" book
put out by Britney? No.

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