Michael Phelps Busted Smoking Pot

There are idiots and then there are dumb idiots. Michael Phelps is the dumb
idiot to end all dumb idiocy. This dude is the highest gold medal winner in
olympic history and he still smokes pot. What a moron. News Of The World
broke this story, with picture, yesterday during the Super Bowl and basically
made a mockery of him the whole world over. He has something like 15
endorsment deals, and almost all of them went down the drain today. He is
still rich, but his endorsement piggy bank just got busted. I am no censor, if
someone wants to smoke a little somethin' somethin' to relax the nerves then
go for it. But when you are an athlete things change. Especially when like
every single little kid in the world looks up to you. But I doubt he will learn
a lesson from all this and he will continue to party up at random fraternities
around the globe. That is basically all he can do. I for one am not hurt by this.
Thi guy is a douche bag and this just proves it. I don't feel sorry for him nor
do I care to read his letter of apology to all his fans. He is a celebrity. And he
was caught off guard. He obviously wasn't ready for the lime light and this
just proves it. So what's next week? Michael Phelps busted with blow?
Him passed out in the front of an SUV drunk off his ass? Who knows.
But when it happens. I will cover it.

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