Kendra Wilkinson Lands Her Own Reality TV Show

People think that after you have dated Hugh Hefner, life can't get any better.
But in reality, when you break up with Hugh Hefner you go back to your home
town to become a waitress. That is no longer a fact of life anymore. Kendra
Wilkinson proves there is life after Hef. In the new reality show she will do all
the regular reality show things. Like shopping, paying bills and even planning
a wedding to Eagles player Hank Baskett. I always appreciate it when the girl
from Playboy isn't getting anymore attention they go to Hustler or Penthouse
but Kendra is a good girl so she will not be getting into hardcore porn. Too bad.
The name of the show? Kendra. That is appropriate. I honestly doubt I will
watch the show because it is on E! and they don't have the best reality shows.
I will give it a shot though. Time to impress me Kendra.

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