Tara Reid, Still In Rehab

Tara Reid is many things but sober is not one of them. Well, not yet anyway.
According to Access Hollywood Tara Reid has in fact NOT checked out of rehab
which was reported on People.com last Saturday. The rehab she is in is called
Promises of Malibu Rehab Facility and it was the same rehab Britney Spears
and Lindsay Lohan both attended when they were battling alcoholism and
drug addiction. I don't think Tara is hooked on any drugs but when you see
her, anywhere, doing anything, she always has some form of booze in her hands
24/7. They may be able to make Tara Reid sober, but they can not do anything
for her burnt nipples and therefore will not make her hot anymore and there-
fore making this news rather boring.BUT after reaching some sort of palpable
level of sobriety she will probably start dating again. And if she makes a couple
of wished-upon bad choices, may make a sex tape. And even though Tara Reid
isn't the "cream of the crop" hot chick anymore, she could still make a pretty
damn good sex tape and that shit would sell. Especially to me.

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