It's Baby #2 for TomKat

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may be the most loved couple in all of
Hollywood. Well, next to Speidi because I love that attention whoring
d-listed couple. According to OK magazine TomKat are expecting their
second kid. After a night out at dinner, Kate and Tom posed for a few
pics with the paparazzi and Tom put his hand over Kate's belly. Now he
could just be feeling her up, which I would do every second of the day if
I were married to her, but it could be a sign that she is pregnant. I gen-
uinley hope they are having their second kid cause I love TomKat and
HATE Brangelina so I want TomKat to outperform them in everything
they do. I know Tom is a little old to be having another kid but Katie is
young, dumb and full of cum. So having another won't impact her all
that much. You go TomKat, I hope Katie goes out on a limb and does
another topless scene in a movie again. I still have dreams about The

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