EAGLES Bitch Slap GIANTS out of the Playoffs !

Donavan McNabb calls the NFL to announce who is the best QB in NFC East !

Brandon Jacobs had the least effective 92 yards I have ever seen from an "unstoppable" 6'4' 260 running back- Next ! Antonio Pierce made more big plays for the Eagles including stupid facemask penalties,at least he did not have to cover Westbrook one on one like the previous embarrassing loss to the Eagles

Don Coughlin can go back to being an sub par coach,now that offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and the Plaxico Buress-less Giant offense has been exposed !

Eli Manning smells something that stinks...his performance in the last 2 games versus the Eagles! Will the media take Eli Manning's dick out of their collective mouths. This guy is incredibly average. The deal he made with the devil lasted one year. Where was David Tyree when he need him ?

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