Daily Links

Lindsay Lohan is skinny but I like skinny.
[ The Blemish ]

Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum made a porno.
I mean they spent it with their kids.
[ Celebrity Puke ]

Cute college girl of the day
[ College Humor ]

Jen Aniston is better than Brangelina.
[ Fatback Media ]

Hilary Duff bikini pictures.
[ Egotastic ]

Grace Jones is fugly.
[ popbytes ]

Blossom was and is still ugly.
[ Geno's World ]

Prince Harry is single again.
[ Celebrity Dirty Laundry ]

Mickey Rourke is Al Bundy.
[ Seriously? OMG! WTF? ]

Top 100 shows in the past 20 years.
[ Buddy TV ]

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