Barbie And Ken Have A Dark Side

Barbie and Ken are loved by many. But there is another side to the Mattel
empire. According to Page Six Jack Ryan, the creator of the doll was involved
in " full-blown seventies-style swinger activity." And in the new book Toy
Monster: The Big, Bad World Of Mattel the author Jerry Oppenheimer reveals
that Jack Ryan had a huge need for sex and was in fact addicted to it. And he
had " a manic need for sexual gratification." This looks like a killer book and I
am definately going to buy it. The people Barbie and Ken were named after were
the children of Ruth and Elliot Handler. Because of this Ken was teased his entire
life for having a doll named after him that didn't have any genitals. This eventually
led him to become an outsider and eventually a homosexual who died of aids before
his time.

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