Amy Winehouse Is Still Topless, Making People Puke

Amy Winehouse has been on vacation for seems like months now. She doesn't
have a lot of talent so I don't think the music world is missing her much. But
what is disturbing is that in just about every photo from her r&r she seems
to be topless. Which is like the last thing people anywhere would want to see.
Either way, it's news and people want to see it plastered on entertainment
blogs so I will do my best to hold back the vomit and bring the pictures to you.
Maybe it is just the hand placement in this photo, but it looks like Amy is
bottomless too. That is another thing I REALLY don't want to see. So if you
are at home jacking off to these pictures, you need your head checked and if
you are hunkered over your toilet vomiting your lungs out, you are totally
normal. Your psychiatrist would be proud.

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