Alyssa Milano Is Engaged

Alyssa Milano is hot. Really hot. So it saddens me to bring you the news that she
just ot engaged. she is off the market. What's his name? David Bugliari. And yes he
is a total douche bag. What strikes me is the fact that they didn't announce the
engagement until today. And even then it wasn't an announcement. It was just
leaked by her rep. They actually got engaged Dec.18. I am not too worried about
her getting off the market. There are much bigger and cuter fish in the sea. I am
sure her fiance, who is fugly as hell, will get bored of her soon and will dump her
ass for a $200 an hour hooker who isn't afraid to let him do it up the butt. More
on Alyssa Milano anal sex later. I have to go find a hooker that has short finger-
nails so she doesn't scratch me too bad when I tie her to my bed posts.

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