O.J. Simpson May Do Life In Jail

Well this has been a long time coming. O.J. Simpson on the 13th anniversary to the day
has been convivted on a number of criminal charges. Charges including, assault with a
deadly weapon,kidnapping and armed robbery. All of this going down in Las Vegas court
for a crime that was commited almost a year ago if I am not mistaken. His sentencing
doesn't come around until Dec.5 but I think we all know what he will face. He has a minimum
of 5 years to do for this crime and has a maximum possiblity of life in prison. However
the charges add up, all time for the charges are to run consecutavly. I am pretty sure I
didn't spell that right. What the hell? Out of all this press coverage I would be sure that the
Goldman family would be standing on a pedastal giving their 2 cents on what should happen
in the sentencing hearing. But not a word. Not a peep. Just O.J. and his fans typing up
articles on the net and doing press coverage on the news. I am not saying I am an O.J fan.
I am not. But his 2007 memoire If I Did It was probably one of the best books I have read
in my entire life. Don't worry. Notorious News won't be all serious on tomorrows post. I will
get back to Paris Hilton flashing her cooch and Lindsay Lohan making out with her fugly
boy-wanna-be boyfriend in Mexico tomorrow. I promise.

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