Kath & Kim Was Kinda Stupid

I tuned in like I always do on Thursday night to NBC to watch the most hysterical tv
lineup in television history. I as usual enjoyed The Office and My Name Is Earl but for
some reason this odd little show appeared in the line up. Kath & Kim. There were a
few very little chuckle parts of the show but for the most part was a complete failure.
Next week I will tune in because I don't beleive NBC would petray me with a crappy
show. I only have 90% confidence though. As you all remember NBC tried to do this
with a show called Victoria Beckham: Coming To America. It too was a failure. A
huge stinking failure. That was possibly one of the worst shows in primetime history.
Hopefully, if and when the ratings do not come in for next weeks Kath & Kim, they
will cut the show promptly. I am very curious as to how these shows become popular.
They say Kath & Kim was a hit in Australia. But people need to realize, AMERICA IS
NOT AUSTRALIA! Also they said in Britain The Office was a big hit before it cam to
America. But how could The Office be funny without Steve Carrel? We will all see how
this show Kath & Kim turns out but I am gonna put my money on the idea that it will
be cancelled after next weeks veiwing.

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