I Am Jealous Of This Kid

Here you have the November issue of W magazine. On it is a picture that Brad Pitt
took of his wife Angelina while she is breastfeeding on of her kids. Which kid? I have
no idea. They have so many kids it is hard to keep track of. Nevertheless, there is the
little bugger going to town on Angelina Jolie's tit. Jealous? Jealous is not the word.
Maybe somewhere in some foreign language that I am not aware of there is a word
to describe what I am feeling towards that kid right now. And you know what else?
She is gonna be just fine. Most "normal" people after breastfeeding for weeks on end
they start to lose the maliability of their breast. But not Angelina. She will bounce right
back into place. Because she is a celebrity. And celebrities are perfect. The same goes
for Gwen Stefani. After she is done breastfeeding her little ankle-biter she will maintain
healthy looking breats. Of course, Gwen didn't HAVE breasts before getting pregnant.
So anything upstairs is an improvement.

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