Britney Spears Wants You To Smell Like Her

As you may or may not know, Britney Spears in her life in the public eye has released
a number of perfumes. None of them smell like Cheetos or Starbuck's mochas so none
of them are really realistic if a fan wanted to smell like Britney Spears. This December
just in time for Christmas Britney will released yet another perfume. It will be called
Hidden Fantasy. Ugh! And she is serious about its release. She won't be on her own in
this endeavor. She will be partnered with elizabeth Arden while attempting this venture.
Here is what is being said. "According to an industry insider, as of right now Elizabeth
Arden will release the new fragrance in December, which will coincide with Britney’s
album launch for 'Circus,' her 6th studio album.According to other unconfirmed online
reports, an Elizabeth Arden Makeup artist says the fragrance is called Hidden Fantasy.
'The bottle of Hidden Fantasy is the same as the previous two,' says the insider, 'only
difference is the color red on it.' The perfume has a cherry scent with a hint of vanilla."
This shit sounds gross. Do celebrities even make any money when they put out fragrances?
I never heard of a celebrity that is already worth tens of millions of dollars paying their
bills with the money made from desperate fans trying to smell like them. To each their

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