We Will Never See The Jamie Lynn Spears Breast Feeding Pictures

Nothing would make me more happy than to tell you"I found them! The Jamie Lynn
Spears breast feeding photos!" But alas, I have not found them. IF they ever do surface,
which I seriously doubt they will, I will post them here post haste. I am just crossing
my fingers hoping that she doesn't have shitty saggy nipples like her sister Britney.
I mean that is a MAJOR turn off. The reason I think the photos will not surface is
because of the obvious. If you followed this story since it broke on TMZ or read about
it on a number of entertainment blogs, then you know the FBI,the ATF, The CIA,
the FDA and just about every other organization in this world is going to the Wal-Mart
where the photos were developed and making sure that the "extra copies" do not
surface on the internet. This is just one of those great things that you know what
happened but will not ever see it surface on the internet no matter how much you
want it to. Kind of like the Lauren Conrad sex tape. That case is a little different.
In that case, the actual tape WAS made but it was too softcore for video porno
companies to buy it. Basically a tape of her topless making out with some guy.
I would pay GOOD money to see that but I guess the companies didn't wanna
take a risk on hardcore perverts like me to shell out the dough for a pg-13 yet
very sexy video. Neverthelesss, if the breastfeeding pictures DO surface I PROMISE
you I will post them here. In the meantime, its been a while since a decent celebrity
sex tape has surface. So lets all cross our fingers and hope something surfaces soon.

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