Miley Cyrus Is Trying To Get Out Of Her Disney Contract

Miley, Miley, Miley. Apparently the teen queen has been trying to get out of her
contract to do another season of Hanna Montanna. How one girl can be so spoiled
I will never know. She is making MILLIONS of dollars a year doing her hit Disney
show and now she wants to quit. How? She is showing up late and bitching at other
cast members. The best thing for her to do now is to go to a hotel room and pose
for self taken sexy pics. This is what she likes to do anyway. Even more vulgar
pictures emerged than the one above and I posted here. Yea that one. You know
what I am talking about. And I am sure more will surface in due time. My neices
LOVE Hanna Montanna but I personally could care less if Miley decides to sabotage
her career and skips out on making millions by doing what she does best, being a
spoiled little bitch.

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