Lindsay Lohan Has Filed A Restraining Order Against Her Dad

I know Sam. I like 'em too. Lindsay Lohan in a last ditch attempt to get her
famewhoring parents off her back, Lindsay Lohan has filed a restraining order
against her psychotic Dad. Apparently he has had alot of bad luck with trying
to win his daughter over. I liked the idea that I heard on The Today Show. They
should all take a month off of their careers, they have careers? And go to a family
psychology course led by Dr.Phil. This is a great idea! I could see Dr.Phil standing
there wiping his bald head in amazement that the family has gone this low. In
between stealing looks at Lindsay Lohan's cleavage suggesting that Ali no longer
be exploited by her mother for her failed tv show Living Lohan. Ugh! I am so
sick of hearing crap about this family. I love Lindsay but the rest of them can go
to hell. Lindsay has been all but banned from big screen pictures and now all she
does is chill with her lesbian lover Samantha Ronson. Besides going to clubs and
making out with that boy-wannabe does she actually have work these days? I
think not.

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